Services List  

  • Application Development Services
  • Business Consultation Services
  • System Integration
  • Support and Maintenance​

  • Support and Maintenance for the customers or clients ​​

​​Support and maintenance refer to the after sell services that clients are entitled to get after the selling of any products and services. For mechanical or IT products – anything we sell, we provide excellent support and maintenance services to our clients. We think that this is the most important thing that clients expect from us.

  • Product Engineering

We have developed extra-ordinary skills in the field of product engineering. We have a team of excellent and enthusiastic engineers, who are energetic enough to take out their creativity and to provide exclusive services to the clients. When product engineering is the context, we possess the leading supplier’s crown in this domain.

  • Software development

​IT support and software development for the clients are the areas of our core competency. We provide seamless software development support, with which clients can get mammoth benefit in their businesses. Cutting edge software development and 100% client oriented services are guaranteed!

  • Validation services and independent testing

​Validation and independent test is another service that we perform with precision. This is another core competency area of Embytes Solutions and thus, when it comes to offer such services, we possess the biggest reputation in this field. For experiencing our seamless services get in touch with us.

  • Customer Support

​Embytes is a dedicated team, which works 24 x 7 to provide seamless services to the clients. With our services, you are bound to receive quick business growth. You can choose to place your orders or queries anytime with us. Our customer care helpdesk is active for 24 x 7 to provide you flawless services. ​​

Application development services

We provide seamless application development support for our clients. Being an expertise solution in the field of IT, we possess insightful knowledge in all technical aspects of application development. With our web based application development support, your business is bound to generate quick revenues through the seamless management process via our custom made applications. 

​​The foundation of our company is based upon the experience and expertise of the founders of the company, who have been in the IT field for a long years and familiar every knowhow of the field. The global IT field has terrific potential as several clients are there, who are seeking professional, expert and value based services. At Embytes Solution Inc. we guarantee that whatever you cherish, you will receive.
Our company is operating globally, providing services with accuracy and 100% client satisfaction. Our value based and target oriented IT support has served almost 500 companies and still we are flooded with so many projects. Many new organizations are putting their queries for our services, which prove our reliability and reputation in the field.

Embytes provides custom applications which are developed based on specific needs and requirements regardless of their complexity. We understand the requirements and provide a complete solutions suite to deliver the functionalities preferred. Our workflow consists of four modules i.e., specification and requirements analysis, design, coding, and deployment. We study every aspect of the problem from the grass-root levels to deliver the solution based on commercial or open source platforms. We create spatial information systems to accelerate client businesses forward and the broad range of services we offer are Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Application Migration, Web GIS, Mobile GIS etc.

Embytes offers end-to-end customization and application development solutions on most of the common platforms for data conversion, application development, web application development, mobile applications, data mining and data migration.

Why Choose Us

Professional Solutions

We at Embytes Solutions understand what professionalism is. Our services are completely suitable and matched with the global standard.

Target Driven and Client Oriented Services

At Embytes Solutions, we understand our job and perform accordingly. Achieving 100 percent client satisfaction level is our motto and we work in that manner to achieve our goal.

Top notch quality of services is another feature of our company. We have the experience to work with plenty of companies, including small-medium and large organizations. Thus, we feature top quality IT support and competent to handle projects with any level of difficulties.

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System Integration

 Integrating technology with a small or large business unit is effective to fetch rapid growth of the company. However, for different businesses, different types of technology are required. Embytes Solutions presents seamless system integration guarantee to the clients that too at a very much affordable cost. 

  • Product Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Validation Services
  • Independent Testing 

Our Development Process

Business Consultation services

For the growth of any business quality consultation is imperative. This is why IT consultants are mostly chosen by the business owners so that they can experience swift business growth through the use of modern and cutting edge technology. Embytes Solution is a trusted name in the domain of business consultation and IT support for the clients. 

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